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The track started in 1996 by Keith Minor as an 11.9 acre parcel with a single supercross; the track was sold in 2000 to Justin
Martino. Over the years we have expanded to 44 acres, including a pee-wee track. Our pee-wee track is the Midwest's largest pee-wee
track, where we host pee-wee races and adult pit bike races. Also included is a 20 acre motocross style track, where we host Sunday
motorcross races as well as our annual GP race. We have bigger plans in the future, the end result will be the premier motocross
facility in the Midwest.


Our Peewee track is a 1/2 mile long track composed of black dirt and sand. It has various man-made obstacles, which are technical but
safe. The track is fully watered and we are the only track in the Midwest that is practiced and raced under the lights at night. Kids
from the ages of 2 to 8 can practice and at the age of 4, they can start earning district points.Points will be awarded on the Peeweeand stadium tracks. The starting gate holds 12 bikes and allows adult 50 pit bikes plus midsize 110s on the track as well. Riders get 4
laps just like our stadium and motocross track. We built this for kids so they are not intimidated when they start to ride the stadium track. The addition of the peewee track has been a great success for us and look forward to the racing!



Joliet MotoSports is a 44 acre motocross complex. We host 3 tracks: Supercross style (Saturday races), Motocross style (Sunday races),
and Pee Wee/Pit Bikes. The track is man-made terrain composed of rich black dirt, sand, and saw dust, which provides a nice loamy condition. Our tracks are always watered and groomed before practices and races, and we are the only track in
the Midwest to offer practice under the lights at night. We are open 3 days a week, and offer regular scheduled practices. Our starting gate for the stadium track can hold 22, and our motocross track can hold 31. We offer amenities of limited parts/service every day as well as concessions on race nights, and all open practice is supervised by flaggers.
Our track can be rented on days or nights when we do not have practices or races, and our spectators can enjoy grand stand style seating. We are 5 minutes away from I-55, within 15 minutes of I-80, and less than an hour away from Chicago. You can always call the Rider hotline (815-476-RIDE) for information on what is going on any particular day.Joliet MX stands apart from all other tracks in the Midwest, we are the only facility to offer three (3) tracks for the price of one.
We are also the only facility to offer night practices complete with lights. Joliet MX prides itself on being the best groomed track
in the Midwest, all of our open practices are fully groomed and watered. Hope to see you out here!